About Us


Project Circle will benefit the community in general beginning with the Aldgate area in the City of London/Tower Hamlets. Project Circle intend to be an integral part of the community and work towards achieving social cohesion by empowering communities and individuals.

Why Project Circle?


Each One. Teach One. ​

The City of London currently has no significant structured mentoring scheme for young people. Having formulated and managed the ‘Boost’ mentoring programme for young people at Westminster City Council for more than a decade we are aware of the difference a mentor can make to a young person. Our purpose is to pursue similar mentoring scheme(s) in the City of London that would result in better rounded young people who we hope, through this mentoring programme, will have better opportunities in life.

Project Circle will aim to provide opportunities for learning and education – through its ethos of Each One Teach One - including languages and skills so that individuals and communities can grow together. Young people will learn new skills and this will also provide an opportunity for companionship for older people in the community. Project Circle will aim to develop communities to create stronger bonds and social cohesion leading to lesser conflicts/crime and anti social behaviour.